Lithotripsy and end-firing soft tissue applications

Compatible with Holmium:YAG lasers

F-SMA 905 or customized connector assembly, compatible with various laser devices

Selected Indications  For soft tissue sections (e.g. urethral stricture, posterior urethral valves, endopyelotomy, bladder neck contractures), for resection and ablation (e.g. benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), condyloma, penile carcinoma, bladder and skin hemangioma), for lithotripsy (e.g. renal pelvis, ureter and bladder), for tissue coagulation (e.g. vasectomy, incision, diverticulum or fistulas, bladder augmentation, and urinary diversion)

Fiber Type  all silica

Numerical Aperture   0.22

Length   3.0 m, reusable (2.5 m, single-use)

Distal End    flat

Sterilizied  Ethylene oxide (EtO)

Packing   pouch-in-pouch

Jacket   ETFE, blue

Shelf Life   2 years

Product Certification   CE Mark, Class IIa

Download Product Specifications: Download_LoF_Urological_Probes_EN

Product available for German market (CE mark) and Brazilian market (as OEM product, without ANVISA). Further countries, please contact us.

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